Mid-city Baton Rouge’s Adult Arcade and Bar.

Classics never die.

BRcade is the place to game in Baton Rouge! All of your favorite, classic arcade games are here — painstakingly restored to their former glory.

It all started when a few friends started collecting and restoring an irresponsible amount vintage arcade machines. It seemed to be a great hobby, but it didn’t take long to become an addiction. After they finally started to listen to their friends ask “Why not share the fun instead of hogging it all to yourselves” BR.cade was born! Bon temps!

Half of our building is a dedicated arcade workshop, meaning we’re always working on games — right there on the spot. Rows of unplayable machines aren’t the kind of thing to ever expect to see at BR.cade. That also means we’re always adding new games, so make sure to stop by often to see what’s new!

Yes, BR.cade also has pinball — a great rotating selection, priced for lots of play!

Every video arcade game has been setup for “free play”, meaning you get to leave your quarters at home! Grab a friend, grab a brew, and game on.

BR.cade story
One of our great bartenders

Classy dranks.

A full-service bar for your favorite adult libations, and top-shelf non-alcoholic refreshements.

BR.cade’s bartenders are armed with all of the cheat-codes needed to sooth a rough day at work, or enhance a night out on the town!

Signature cocktails inspired by classic games and classic drinks. A wide selection of craft and domestic beers with plenty of local brews. Fine spirits such as wine, soju, sake, and seltzers.

Not into drinking alcohol? No problem: we still have plenty of ways to treat yourself! Hand-crafted non-alcoholic cocktails, non-alcoholic beer, a plethra of energy drinks, and soft drinks are available!

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BR.cade is always poppin’ with events! Classic game tournaments, pinball competitions, music nights, themed nights, and brewery events!

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Looking to host the very best private event in town?

Ugh. So ya got stuck booking “the big event”, and now ya gotta find a venue to not only impress, but knock the socks off of everyone. Look no further: BR.cade is the spot in Baton Rouge for amazing vintage entertainment, with a unique vintage vibe to match!

Corporate event? Expect a raise after an event at BR.cade! Wedding party? That’s a union built to last after celebrating at BR.cade! How about a college graduation? Starting off with an event at BR.cade speaks volumes for a bright future!

BR.cade is the perfect venue for your special event.